Self-Evident Travel Thoughts (Supposedly 🤔)

3 min readDec 10, 2022


✔️ A short list of things to keep in mind when traveling

✈️ Not all First / Business Class is Created Equal

When booking a ticket, the class of travel itself is only part of the equation. Factors such as plane model, plane age, seat position, and of course flight time + number of layovers should be considered.

To take this example to the furthest degree: If one is prepared to sit by their computer and race to a small airport, you too can fly in a Gulfstream (not to a destination of your choosing) on an empty-leg private jet flight for $2-$3k, but of course this would be a pointless flight unless you need some photos or just wish to try flying private out — In theory, an economy flight for $750 to where you actually intend to go would be more fit for purpose (by definition).

The purpose of a plane ticket is primarily to get you (safely) to your destination, with minimum discomfort, time wasted and hassle. Any nice extras are perks, but not directly associated with the purpose of the booking.

😠 Frustrating & Indignation Achieves Nothing

In the same way not all flights are created equal, not all airports are created equal.

You wot mate? Piece of paper I have here — Maybe that’s unfair and it proves something, who knows. Lad in the background left seems intrigued though.

Especially in recent times some airports in the United Kingdom have been understaffed, and nothing short of a complete mess — sometimes with check in staff walking out and police assuming the job — Funny stuff (in a way).

The staff walk out, of course due to not being compensated enough, but likely the straw that breaks the camel’s back is the abuse and pressure they encounter.

On a recent flight, I saw people who had come to the UK to watch a Golf Open, frustrated at the lack of service in the business class line, and the fact they had been waiting so long. I watched as they gave a lady working at the airport (not check-in, simply someone in a high visibility jacket whose job it is to answer questions and assist with general inquiries) a barrage of questions and complaints.

Queue of Hold luggage — If you wished to watch your suitcase go to the zone of no return, you had a 60 min+ wait to look forward to. Not worth it :-) Trust the process.

Whilst their stance and frustration (and shock that this was the state of the airport) was justified, as one should not have paid $5k+++ for tickets and be waiting around for > 1 hour, there is absolutely nothing to be gained by shouting at staff who are not even decision-makers — nothing to be gained by shouting anyhow. When going to an airport, it’s better to have low expectations and not be completely shocked/disappointed if there are some changes to the original plan.

💯 The Only thing that is Certain is Uncertainty

As alluded to in the previous paragraphs: Expect nothing and it’s impossible to be disappointed.

Travel pretty light, maybe a little backpack and nice and easy.

Even with little baby and mum (and valium) can still smile smile and nothing much to stress — Miss flight, always another 🧸

Travel Safely
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